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Your Reflection on Your Birth

Why is it important to write your story of your birth, reflect on all the moments, the positives, the not so positive, the transformational.

Its great for you in a moment of peace after the birth, it could be a couple of weeks later or a couple of months, you could write it in bits when you think of something, you could have a special note book just for this - your labour & birth memories. Don't worry about perfection or editing just let the words, emotions and your story flow.

This can help you & others, it can be a story your children can read as they grow or when they themselves become parents. It will show you your strength, capabilities and the power of your womanhood.

It can help you recognise any trauma or negatives around your birth so then you will be able to address them, start the healing process and be prepared for any future pregnancies.

A birth story full of positivity can really inspire other Mamas. Let them know that they can do it & that they can have a positive birth. It can empowered, encourage and educate them, make them excited for their upcoming birth.

You can write your story with your birth partner as you will both remember different moments, will both have different feelings & a different view point.

You can use your senses to take you back, the feeling in the room, the scents, the sounds all these can help take you back to a moment, time & place. Put on your birth playlist and have the scents you used during your labour at hand, these can all help you in your story writing.

You can think about things that you may have been feeling a little anxious about & how Hypnobirthing helped you feel calm, prepared and positive.


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