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Why Hypnobirthing

I feel there are lots of myths around Hypnobirthing so this is a little blog about why its so positive and helpful no matter what type of birth you are aiming for.

I get asked or told by Mamas that they are having a Caesarean or wanting an epidural so that means that they can't do Hypnobirthing, that is untrue. Hypnobirthing is there to support all Mamas on their birth journeys, to teach them techniques to stay calm, focused, informed and empowered. I feel one of the big myths of Hypnobirthing is that its only for the Mamas who want a natural drug free vaginal birth. Yes its brilliant at helping Mamas achieve this if that is their wish for their birth. But everyone is different and everyone will want to birth differently, we all have different bodies, beliefs & dreams.

Hypnobirthing Mamas often have a shorter & more efficient labour, less need for drugs, more time at home & a quicker post birth recovery.

Hypnobirthing is based on science, how the body works during labour, the mind-body connection, the hormones of labour how the can help or hinder the process. A key part of this is our subconscious mind & re-informing it that labour and giving birth to our babies is Positive, Empowering, Transformational & even Enjoyable rather than something that we need to fear and be anxious about.

How Hypnobirthing can support you during your birth:

Its great for helping Mamas to be who have fear and anxiety around giving birth this is where we work with our subconscious mind.

Its great if you want your birth partner to have an active role rather than being a by stander as we teach them the tools & techniques to help you stay calm, focused & high in Oxytocin. Hypnobirthing can help Mamas who have experienced a less than perfect birth or even a traumatic birth experience who would love to have a positive birth.

Hypnobirthing can help mamas who want to learn how to be relaxed and more prepared for labour as it is a full Birth Preparation course full of information on how our bodies work, the stages of labour, special circumstances, your rights in birth which are so important and so much more. Its all about Mamas wanting to make informed decisions about their choices around their maternity care, where you feel Informed, Empowered, Relaxed.


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