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What you can do with your Placenta

Our placentas are amazing in all that they do for our babies & what they can do for our recovery post birth. Here are some suggestions on what you can do with your placenta post birth.

"The placenta is an absolutely incredible organ that supports the life of your unborn baby whilst growing within your womb. Its role doesn't have to end once your baby is born, as the placenta is rich in many nutrients like iron, vitamins, minerals, stem cells, growth factors and hormones, and people find that when they consume their own placenta after birth, it contributes to a gentler and easier postpartum recovery." Bloom with Sian

Planting your placenta.

I first came across this when I lived in Rarotonga with my grandparents when I was 7yrs old. My friend who lived across the road told me about the tradition of planting the female placenta under a Gardenia plant & she showed me hers with great pride. It was her special plant in their garden. It always stayed with me after that, the idea of planting the placenta.

Doing research for this blog I’ve also learnt that it’s apart of the Maori culture to bury the placenta in a place with ancestral connection. It is considered a physical & spiritual link to the place of birth, to the sacred land. My older sister who is part Maori, when she was born, her Maori grandmother took her placenta to bury. It is believed that they come from Papatuanku, mother earth so it was appropriate to return the placenta back to her. All life is believed to come from Papatuanku. Whenua is the Maori word for land & for the placenta

The umbilical cord is also tapu (sacred) & is thus also buried with babies placenta.

Historically both were buried in a significant place to the Maori people & Iwi (tribe). Though many still have such spaces not all do. Many non-Maori in New Zealand now practice the burial in places that are important to them. Many will also plant trees to mark the spot. For my oldest sister, knowing the burial was done, gives her a great sense of pride. It is a very special tradition open to all.

I was going to plant our placenta in a large pot with a beautifully scented rose atop it.

Placenta Encapsulation

This is amazing especially if you don’t like the idea of having raw placenta in a smoothie, you still get all the wonderful benefits but in an easy to swallow pill. There are many reported benefits of consuming your placenta, though no official studies or evidence as of yet into these. Many many women agree to all that is said below, as they themselves have felt these benefits.

- Increased postpartum energy

- Restoration of iron levels

- Vitamin B6 which aids in the formation of antibodies

- Can help to ward off postpartum depression

- Increase in stress reducing hormone CHR

The wonderful Sian at Bloom with Sian specialises in placenta encapsulation & remedies, plus she is local to Empowered Mamas as she is based down the road in Hitchin. The method Sian uses is to, first steam the Placenta with a selection of native herbs, the placenta is then dehydrated, ground & put into vegan-friendly capsules or she will just dehydrate it.

Placenta Art

You’ve got a few artistic options when it comes to preserving the image of your beautiful placenta. Your tree of life. You can take some gorgeous photos of it & arrange the cord into a word like in the photo below. You can make a print of it. You can do this yourself or get a professional to do it, I have heard that it can take some practice to get a good print. You can make a painting of it. This option gives you a lot of artistic license as you can paint it in what ever style you love & will be individual to you. You can dry out the cord into a shape or word & put it in a frame.

Placenta Smoothie

Now your first reaction to this is probably “no way that sounds disgusting, drinking your raw placenta” However it’s got so much fruit in it like bananas & berries that it just tastes like a normal delicious smoothie & the piece of placenta is only small like the size of a walnut. There are so many benefits to having some of your placenta put into a smoothie to drink as soon as possible after your birth.

- Highest level of stem cells

- Birth hormones

- High in Iron

- Great for postpartum haemorrhage recovery

So with all this new knowledge around what you can do with your amazing placenta, what will you be doing?


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