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The crucial role of the BIRTH PARTNER.

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

The birth partner is more than the person holding your hand through it all or getting you to the hospital, Midwife unit or calling the team in if you're having a home birth. They are there to be your support, to hold you when you need holding, to encourage you, to be your gatekeeper by keeping your birthing zone a sacred place.

In Empowered Mamas birth preparation course its not all about the Mamas, the birth companion/Dad/partner who ever you decide to be there with you on the day and in the lead up to labour they have a vital role to prepare for too.

The birth partner is more than just the person holding your hand during labour and getting you to the hospital or Midwife Led Unit or calling the team in if you're having a home birth.

It is also very important and a great way to help with bonding with your baby and each other to write your birth plans together, discussing each option in detail so your birth companion has a very clear idea of what you would like to happen. This is especially helpful if things don't go to plan A and there happens to be a plot twist. They are there to be your gatekeeper, to let the medical team know your wishes and help advocate for you, however only you can consent to any procedure being done. Milli Hill author of The Positive Birth Book reminds us that they are the 'Guardian of Oxytocin' taking charge to keep your birthing environment how you want in, a place where you feel safe, at ease and happy to give birth.

Another important role of the birth partner is packing the bags with you, they need to know where things are as when you are in the thick of it and wanting a certain something right now, you don't want them flapping about and pulling everything out trying to get the little stick of lip balm for your dry lips.

In the run up to your birth month (due dates are just a guess, only 4% of babies are born on theirs) your birth companion can help with your flow of Oxytocin, the Love hormone and a key factor in labour as along with other hormones helps the ripening of the cervix.

During Labour

In the early stages of labour you can have great fun together building up the Oxytocin, if like me you are a romantic have a smooch while slow dancing skin to skin in each others arms, light some candles and get the mood lighting going, put on some music that makes you feel happy. Sex if you're up for it!

The build up of Oxytocin can really help you have an easier labour so enjoy all the things that make you feel happy, at ease and joyful.

During labour your birth partner is there to be at your call when you need anything, that being a cold face cloth put on your forehead, snacks, drinks, massage to help with any discomfort and to keep you focused with your breathing, affirmations and listening to your MP3s. They are the protectors of your birthing zone.

They are there to help keep you active, to help you change positions if and when needed, to remind and help you to go to the loo, put up photos and affirmations around the room the list goes on and its personal to everyone.

So its ideal for you & your birth companion to prepare together as you will be birthing your baby together.


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